Houston Becomes a Fast Track City

REGISTER NOW | Fast Track Cities-Houston Ending the HIV Epidemic Implementation Training  

Please join us on Thursday, August 20 for the virtual training hosted by IAPAC on drafting and implementing the End the HIV Epidemic (EHE) Plan to attain and surpass the Fast-Track City Objectives. This one-day interactive training will involve stakeholders engaged in HIV prevention and care in Harris County and Houston. Your participation is critical to leverage synergies between EHE initiative and Fast-Track Cities. Please register at https://conta.cc/2PyX4dS.

What: IAPAC Virtual Fast Track Cities Implementation Training

Date: Thursday, August 20th

Time: 9:00am-2:00pm

Who: Community leaders, advocates; HIV planning bodies; health care providers; people who work in HIV prevention and care, research; elected officials; criminal justice; and college/university staff/students

Registration: https://conta.cc/2PyX4dS


1. Introductions, Welcome, and Context

2. IAPAC US Fast-Track City/County Update

3. Harris County/Houston Fast-Track City/County and EHE Update

    •  Progress, Barriers, Opportunities to Action the Paris Declaration on Fast-Track Cities
    • Planning/Implementing Data-Driven Solutions, including within COVID-19 Context
    • Efforts Needed to Harmonize EHE Plans with FTC Objectives and Targets

4. Harnessing Data for Action: The Role of Fast-Track City/County Dashboards

    • HIV Data Transparency to Promote Stakeholder Accountability

5. Fast-Track Cities/Counties-EHE Alignment in Harris County/Houston

    • Review of IAPAC Environmental Scan Results (High-Level Key Strategic Issues)
    • Sustaining Fast-Track City/County Stakeholder Engagement with EHE Planning
    • Actioning Broader Fast-Track City/County Commitments (i.e., Health/Social Equity)

6. Harris County/Houston Fast-Track City/County Leadership Roundtable

    • Maintaining Political Commitment to HIV in the Midst of COVID-19
    • Sustaining Long-Term Participation and Leadership Roles for Key Populations
    • Tackling Systemic Racism, Inequities, and Inequalities Threatening Public Health

7. Harris County/Houston Fast-Track City/County and EHE Plan Harmonization Next Steps

    • Modalities to Guide Fast-Track City/County-EHE Plan Harmonization
    • Standardized Planning to Drive Fast-Track City/County-EHE Plan Harmonization