Ending the Epidemic Framework

Core Values

  • Transparency

  • Racial Justice

  •  Equity

  • Community

  • Social Justice

  • Empowerment

  • Advocacy

Focus Areas

1. Status Neutral Systems

2. Data, Research, and Evaluation

3. Outreach and Community


4. Education and Awareness

5. Policy and Social Determinants

Overall Goals 90/90/90/50

Goal 1: 90% Know Their HIV Status

Goal 2: 90% in HIV Treatment

Goal 3: 90% Virally Suppressed

Goal 4: 50% Reduction in New Cases


1. Diagnose

2. Prevent

3. Treat

4. Respond

Building Blocks

1. Workforce – building capacity within our workforce system and

   prioritizing people living with or vulnerable to HIV in our hiring


2. Mental Health and Substance Use – Access to mental/behavioral

   health services and substance use treatment are two of the most

   critical unmet needs in the community. Individuals have difficulty

   staying in care and adhering to medication without access to

   mental health and substance abuse treatment. Comprehensive

   HIV/AIDS care must address the prevalence of these conditions

   along with drug user health.

3. Housing

4. Employment

5.  Anti-Stigma – We work to end HIV stigma, racism, homophobia,

   transphobia, xenophobia which perpetuate the HIV epidemic.