EHE Committees

Ending the Epidemic Areas of Focus Committees

Outreach & Community Engagement

This committee is focused on conducting outreach and engagement in Ending the HIV Epidemic activities, such as HIV testing, linkage to care and prevention interventions.  Outreach and engagement strategies include street outreach, community-based based testing, mobile testing, home testing, peer navigation and individual and community-level interventions.

Co-Chairs: Cecilia Ligons, Ivan Prater, Miguel Jacquez

Education & Awareness

This committee is focused on the provision of HIV education and awareness that can occur in various forms, such as presentations, community conversations or social media, marketing, and texting campaigns.

Co-Chairs: Dr. Dominique Guinn, Ian Haddock, Steven Vargas

Status Neutral Systems

This committee is focused on a status-neutral approach to HIV care, which means the same approach of initial engagement happens with all people, regardless of HIV status. It all starts with an HIV test. Any result, positive or negative, kicks off further engagement with the healthcare system, leading to a common final goal, where an HIV infection doesn’t occur.

 Co-Chairs: Kevin Anderson, Amy Leonard, Oscar Perez

Research, Data & Evaluation

This committee is focused on identifying existing data, supplemental data, metrics, sources, data collection, measurement, and reporting methods in order to determine if EHE activities are contributing effectively toward Ending the HIV Epidemic.

 Co-Chairs: Kevin Aloysius, Chelsea Frand, Kendrick Clack

Policy & Social Determinants

This committee is focused on exploring and identifying policy and social determinants that impede Ending the HIV Epidemic. The committee will provide recommendations on policy changes or creation, as well as interventions that effectively address complex and intersecting health and social conditions. Ultimately, the committee seeks to recommend activities that will reduce health disparities among the most vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Co-Chairs: Januari Fox, Crystal Townsend, Michael Webb